Monthly archives:November 2014

Vegan Wines

Good morning wine lovers! Last week I introduced Thommy Witteck to you (If you missed that article, here is the link for you: He is a well-known wine expert and he promised to write us some information about vegan wines soon. He is a man of his words! One week later and I already have his article in my Inbox. [...]

Miwai - Eco Fashion Store

Vegan fashion lovers - attention please! I have something really exquisite for you! Have you heard of MIWAI yet? It's an eco fashion store from Berlin, Germany. It belongs to Inez Bjorg David, a well-known German actress, who follows a vegan lifestyle herself, believes in fairness and cares about the environment. And that's exactly what she puts into M[...]

Thommy Witteck - Interview

Animal lovers - Good morning! :) Today I have another very exciting interview for you: Thommy is a German Wine Expert and I can proudly announce that from time to time he will write vegan wine reviews for you! So any questions about wine - he is the man for you! But first, you get to know Thommy a little better via the interview I had with him last wee[...]