Monthly archives:Januar 2015

Sante Herbal Hair Colour

Every once in a while, especially in winter I may add, I wake up and think: "OMG how dull does my hair look?". The sky is covered in a thick grey carpet, the world seems black and white AND on top of that, you (aka me) blend in just fine. It makes me feel like a chameleon champion. Unfortunately, I do not change my colour tones to black and white on purpose.[...]

We are back!

Hey animallovers, we have not forgotten you! Please forgive us for being so quiet over the past few weeks! <3 First of all we wish you all an amazing 2015! We were busy moving into our beautiful new apartment and cleaning the old one, I was starting my new fulltime job as a community manager (which I absolutely love btw) and then I have been sick[...]