Monthly archives:März 2015

nae vegan shoes

It seems to be a vegan shoe day! Have you heard about nae? A portugal based shoe brand that specialises solely in vegan and fair shoes. All of their shoes are made in Portugal. nae doesn't only sound cool but also stands for "No Animal Exploitation" and that's why we love nae! Especially their cork shoes got me hooked! So where do you get this [...]

Toms Vegan Shoes

Who doesn't know about Toms yet? These shoes are not only super comfortable but also extrem stylish AND totally vegan! In addition to saving our beloved animals, you also help a child in need to get a pair of shoes itself! HOW awesome is that? This great idea is called "One for One". Over 35 million shoes have been given to children since its start[...]


What about a simple, but cool T-Shirt in black or white? SHE DIED OF BEAUTY is the brand for you! This is a cooperation of supermodel Erin O’Connor & stylist Kate Halfpenny. Their mission? They use only organic cotton, each piece is ethically made and they produce their products by using solely sustainable energy aka wind and solar power. AND each [...]