Hi everybody,

let´s continue with our trip around the world. But before we leave, we need some food. What do you think about vegan scrambled eggs? Sounds good? Perfect.

Scrambeld Egg Spice – Yes, it’s vegan!

So we head to the fridge, grab a piece of tofu and smash it with a fork. We put oil in a pan and frie the smashed tofu in it. And here comes the Scrambled egg spice. A soon as I open the little box, a lovely smell wafts through the air. Red pepper flakes are taking the lead on the way to the pan. Parsley and Tellicherry are on second and third place. But hey, it´s not a competetive race. It´s one team: so let´s cheer for the pepper, chives and seasalt, too. When all these ingredients meet with the smashed tofu, the pan explodes with flavour. Like the firework at new years eve. Take your plate, sit next to the nice fireplace and have the best tasting cure for your already starting hangover.

New Zealand + Tofu Spice

After a nice sleep we´re finally ready to travel again. This time we´re heading to the country of Frodo and Gollum…and some sheeps, too. Breathtaking landscapes and some of the nicest people on earth are waiting for us. After a nice walk through the most beautiful nature you have ever seen, we´re spending the rest of the day in a pub in a pitoresque city. It takes just some minutes and we know all of the people by names. The topics changes like sandflies on a beach and when it comes to veganism, most of the people react quite supportive. Furthermore, I am invited to a vegan dinner the next day. Luckily, I´ve brought a perfect present with me. The Tofu spice from Just Spices. You can use it for every tofu meal imaginable. It´s made of curcuma, coriander, lemongrass, caraway, yellow mustard seeds and many more ingredients and taste like heaven. But be warned: you don`t wanna use something else, once you have tried it. And while we are enjoying a nice vegan dinner in a foreign country, our trio around the world comes to an end. Don´t be disappointed. You can take as many trips as you want. Just head over to Just Spices and start to discover the world.

Let’s cook up some amazing world food together!