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A world full of spices - Part 2

Hi everybody, let´s continue with our trip around the world. But before we leave, we need some food. What do you think about vegan scrambled eggs? Sounds good? Perfect. Scrambeld Egg Spice - Yes, it's vegan! So we head to the fridge, grab a piece of tofu and smash it with a fork. We put oil in a pan and frie the smashed tofu in it. And here comes th[...]

The sudanese food porn

Hey everybody, I am quite sure that you know this situation: you´re around somewhere, away from home and the urge of hunger is getting bigger and bigger. And you don`t have that much time to step into a nice vegan restaurant.Well, if you´re in Berlin Friedrichshain, here is the ultimate fast food place that provides not the typical junk and unhealthy  stu[...]