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Sante Herbal Hair Colour

Every once in a while, especially in winter I may add, I wake up and think: "OMG how dull does my hair look?". The sky is covered in a thick grey carpet, the world seems black and white AND on top of that, you (aka me) blend in just fine. It makes me feel like a chameleon champion. Unfortunately, I do not change my colour tones to black and white on purpose.[...]

Miwai - Eco Fashion Store

Vegan fashion lovers - attention please! I have something really exquisite for you! Have you heard of MIWAI yet? It's an eco fashion store from Berlin, Germany. It belongs to Inez Bjorg David, a well-known German actress, who follows a vegan lifestyle herself, believes in fairness and cares about the environment. And that's exactly what she puts into M[...]

Vegan Who Products

Hi all, I mentioned a couple of times that there will be some VeganWho Merchandise available. Et voila: here it is! It started when I designed my first "I AM A VEGANETTE" T-Shirt. I was wearing it to a couple of occasions (mainly vegan events ) where it felt like I was asked a million times where I got this T-Shirt from. Because of this great feedb[...]