Sunday morning. We ( Flo and I ) went to the local animal shelter. It was early and we were both excited. Today we would choose our new family member. We have been thinking about getting a dog for so long and we were finally set up to fulfil this one dream. We had moved into a big apartment, were both working from home, had a huge terrace and big parks close by.

After a lot of research we decided that taking a dog from a breeder wasn’t an option for us and so we visited the animal shelter near by. We parked in front of the huge building from were we already could hear the barking. We took each others hands and walked to the reception. A lady, somewhere around her thirties, greeted us and asked what we were here for. We gave her some details of what kind of dog we thought would suit us: a puppy dog up to 1 year,  preferably  male, easy going and mid sized when fully grown.

The lady responded that they do not have too many pups available, because they are the most popular ones to get adopted. She asked, if we would consider a not so easy going dog too, but we responded that we do not have enough experience for that kind of dog.

She seemed happy with that answer, because she took us outside, along many cages, into another big building were the barking didn’t get less noisy, but were the noises sounded much younger. She told us a lot about the dogs that we passed by and in the building, she said, we had arrived at the dogs that would be most suitable to us and that the basic infos about each dog were on a sheet of paper pinned to the dogs cages.

The corridor was so slim that Flo had started walking in front of me. I was listening to the ladies words only with half an ear, because I always believed I would know when I find my dog. Without having to look at a paper full of facts.

It was only the 5th cage when I interrupted the lady: “Who is this one?”

It was sitting in the corner of its cage, a little white, but strong looking pup with a brown patch over it’s left ear and eye. It had two different eyes, one greenish brown and one blue. The blue one had a foggy like flare over it what made me instantly think it must be blind on this one eye. It looked insecure and attentive but not scared. Good.

“This is Chester, an english bulldog mix. 6 months old. He is blind on the blue eye and someone cut off his right ear.”

Cut off his ear? It made me swallow hard. I hadn’t seen the missing ear, I couldn’t see it the way he was sitting. Flo was at my side, looking into my eyes.

“I would like to have a look at Chester please.”

“Sure. He hasn’t been here for long, but so far he is friendly with other dogs and children too. His right eye is totally fine and he got checked according to all EU standards. The cut off ear and his blind eye, in combination with his breed, turned interested people off so far.”

The lady had unlocked the cage while she was giving us more details about chester. I slowly walked into the cage – Flo and the lady were waiting at the door. About one meter in front of chester, I dropped to my knees and slowly moved my open hand towards him, so he would be able to take a sniff of me first. He was watching me the whole time with his one good eye. I froze, he didn’t move except for his nostrils which flared up to take in the scent of me. About 10 seconds later, while I was still wondering if he would like me, he got up so very puppy like, came towards me without hesitation and climbed onto my knees trying to put his head under my hand, which was resting on my upper leg.

That’s when I had no doubt anymore and just wrapped him up in my arms, cuddling him. He looked at me with such a happy dog face, it was as if he was smiling.

I called for Flo and he came to us putting on hand on my shoulder and the other one slowly in front of Chester.

Chester seemed to like me, so far so good, but did he like Flo?

I didn’t get a chance to think that thought any further, because Chester just turned his head and started licking Flo’s hand, which made him laugh out loud.

Flo and I looked at each other again and said in unison: “We take Chester”.

And that’s how Chester, now known as Chuck, got adopted from us.

Or that’s how it will be in about 6 months time because the scenario I just described, was a dream, that I had yesterday night. One so real, that I couldn’t resist to tell you about Chuck. That’s why there is no photo but a drawing instead. I can’t explain how excited I am to finally adopt Chuck and how much I love dreams that make me feel like I can look into the future.

According to my dreams 2015 will be a very interesting year full of excitements.