Hello Vegans!

Today I’d like to present to you the interview with Keata – I mentioned her before in the article “Keata’s Family” - because she was the one who made me go vegan! :)

So here it is:

“I went vegan in 2010 after having my first baby. I had been vegetarian (for ethical reasons) for almost 20 years but I had never made the dairy connection. That was until I was breast feeding my son and it dawned on me that we only have milk when we need to. Obviously cows are the same and the thought of them being impregnated and then having their baby ripped away from them was just heartbreaking. And then the thought of their beautiful baby being deprived or their own mother to be a slave until their death or to be brutally killed at only a few days old was too much. I then watched about 10 minutes of ‘Earthlings’ and that was that. I could no longer participate in any abuse.

Becoming vegan has been the best decision I have ever made. I do not regret it for a single second, only I am ashamed it took me so long.

Researching all things vegan (health, environment and ethical) has forced me to look at the world in a different light. Your eyes are no longer closed to the atrocities that occur everyday. You begin to question, investigate and come to your own conclusions. I could not recommend it highly enough to anyone who wants to make a difference for the animals, for their health or for the planet.”

She is still one of my greatest sources for anything about veganism and I highly value her knowledge and wisdom <3