Keata, Tias, Bay & Coco.

I met Keata and her amazing family of vegans  about 3.5 years ago. Back then I did not know much about veganism, I knew kinda what it was but that’s all. I am a very curious person so I started to ask questions. Probably hundreds of questions now that I think of it. I surely annoyed the hell out of them but not once did they answer me in a rude manner. They answered all my questions calmly and supported their evidence with known facts.

Slowly I began to think more and more about what I was actually eating and doing to myself and the animals. I started to do lots of research to verify what they were telling me and had to find out they were right. That’s when I dropped the meat, stayed vegetarian for a bit more and became truly vegan a few months later.

Keata and her family helped me so much turning vegan by sharing all their knowledge with me and they support me up to this day with their kindness ans love.

I will never forget how every time that I visited them, I heard sentences like “You know, that’s not really vegan” or ” That is not vegan either”. I believe and know first hand, that turning vegan is a task you master gradually. There are just too many things out there you would never think of as not vegan or things that you can’t understand because they are written in some weird coding format. I am sure, I still make mistakes unintentionally, but I try my best and I know I am getting better day by day to understand the wickedness of our food, beauty and environmental society.

I would wish everyone, who has an interest in veganism or wants to become vegan, to meet people like Keata, who can assist you with a million unclear things when making that life changing decision.

I am more than grateful to have met Keata and her family and I love them to bits.

They helped changing my life and my lifestyle into the gentlest way of living <3

Also a big thank you to Jasmine, Kain, Charli & Willow and Jen & Will. 

PS: They are wearing my T-Shirts in the photo – that was my goodbye present to them before I had to leave for Germany. :)