Every once in a while, especially in winter I may add, I wake up and think: “OMG how dull does my hair look?”. The sky is covered in a thick grey carpet, the world seems black and white AND on top of that, you (aka me) blend in just fine. It makes me feel like a chameleon champion. Unfortunately, I do not change my colour tones to black and white on purpose.

So what do you do? Go to the next drugstore and buy yourself some colour back into your life. Bam! So easy it is! Or maybe not?

Chemical vs. Organic Hair Colour

In any normal drugstore you have the choice of hundreds of hair colours. 99% of them based on plain chemicals. But there is that 1% of natural herbal hair colours just hiding in between all the others – that’s the one you want! Why?

Because Sante Herbal Hair Colours are:

  • free from peroxides, ammonia and other chemical components – nasty stuff! You don’t want that on your scalp!
  • free from synthetic colorants, fragrance and preservatives – I hear “allergic reaction” screamed into my face!
  • vegan – YAY!
  • plant powder with organic henna extract (except for black) – Plant powder and organic henna. Yes we want!

So if that doesn’t pull you over to the natural hair colour side, then what is?

How does it work?

I bought the Colour “Chestnut brown”. Well, you get a big satchel full of green powder that you mix up with 300 ml of hot water. Apparently you can intensify the colour by adding either red wine or black tea, but I stuck with just hot water. You have to turn the mixture into a creamy paste and that was quite some effort. I am not sure, if it was because I have been exercising before or if that is a normal phenomena after mixing the paste with a fork for over 15 mins. Once its creamy, you are meant to wait until it cools down, but I used it still warm. The manual says, the warmer you keep your head with the colour on, the better the results will be. So I put on my gloves and transferred the paste, that looked like cow poo and smelled like a Japanese tea house, on my head. The paste is quite thick, but I felt it quite easy to put it on.

INFO: I have more than shoulder length hair and it was more than enough, even thought the package said only enough for shoulder length hair. I really liked that, because when using other brands, I often had to use 2 packages to cover all of my hair.

Now, you just put on the warming cap and leave it on for … and that is the big question. I did some research before using the Sante hair colour and the opinions are wide spread. The manual says between 15min to 2hs.  Reviews suggested either the colour didn’t work at all or you had to leave it on over night to see a change in hair colour. I decided on 2.5h and it was totally fine for me.

Finally the last step: washing out the paste. I didn’t feel like it was more effort than any other colour but most reviews thought otherwise. I think though, that if you want to do something good for your body, time shouldn’t be the priority anyway. After the last piece of paste left my hair, I put on some organic conditioner (as suggested in the manual), washed it out again and that’s it. Done.

The result

To see the results you can let your hair dry naturally but its cold here and I catch colds way to easily, so I blow dried it. And the result is super natural! My hair was a dark dull brown with a red undertone (I have that naturally) and now it is a much lighter brown with my red undertone still in it.

I am really happy with the result and I will definitely use it again! You probably need to know that the Sante Herbal Hair Colours are permanent hair colours. They do not wash out! I had my doubts about the effort it takes but it’s almost no effort at all. Apart from mixing the paste maybe but even that is not a big deal.

I am so glad that I can buy vegan hair colours now in a normal drugstore and dye my hair on my own again without harming my body. Go Sante!!!!!!

And here you can buy this amazing hair colour: