How did I become vegan?

It all started in 2002. It was a time of inner turmoil. I was pretty much into philosophy, mysticism and meditation at that time. One day I woke up with a special feeling that got more and more concrete during the day. It was the feeling that it is wrong to eat animals to satisfy our own desires. So I stopped eating meat. From one day to the other. That´s how I became a vegetarian.

Then, in early 2013 I wanted to go a step further. I did some research and the more I´ve read, the more convinced I was to take this step. Before that, I never thought about how much cows have to suffer for our daily milk or cheese or how bad chickens, even on organic farms, are treated for our daily breakfast eggs. So I decided, to leave the circle of suffering and became a vegan.

Where do I come from?

I was born in Berlin, Germany and spent my whole life in this lovely city – sometimes it is pretty noisy and stressful here, but I don´t wanna miss the endless possibilities this city has to offer.

Without a doubt I can say, that I grew up in the best family ever imaginable. My parents supported me and my brother in every aspect. We were blessed with unlimited love and human knowledge. My parents have always encouraged us to go our own ways. To leave predefined footsteps and to come to own conclusions.

Where does my heart lie?

Art: Since I am a writer, director and musician, I can´t imagine a life without art. Good art is a mirror of our souls. It is a straight path to our unconsciousness. I am convinced that art can change people and show them how to be better human beings.

Sports: I am a real sport addict. I started playing tennis at the age of 6 and added a lot of other disciplines throughout my life. One week without sport is a nightmare. Comparable to the feelings of a speed junkie locked up in a tiny cage.

Mysticism and Meditation: „Do what thou willst shall be the whole of the law.“ Yes, I know. Many used that famous quote from the great beast Aleister Crowley. And many more misused it. But it´s a good start into the great adventure called mysticism. We human beings aren´t even close to understand what we really are. Read „Prometheus Rising“ by Robert Anton Wilson and get a healthy dose of deconditioning today.

Food: Someone said, food is sex for old people. I won´t argue with that. Good food is heaven. And I love cooking. Especially if I can do it together with my lovely girlfriend, who is a pretty amazing cook by the way!

Social stuff: On the global scale, I think, mankind is the worst that could have ever happened to our planet. But nevertheless I haven´t lost my trust in people. I am always thinking about, how to make the world a better place. I try to treat everyone with respect and dignity. I try to help where I can. Sometimes it is very nice to experience the feeling of giving, without expecting something in return. And try to smile to people – that can change a lot. Trust me.

What will I do in in the near future?

I really wanna have a dog, too. Can´t wait to play and have fun with the little fellow.

Hopefully, I am able to produce a lot of art. Direct exciting projects, write the next nobel prize winning book – ok, just kidding -, and going on tour with my band „Aera Kra“.

I want to travel a lot. There are so many places, that still need to be discovered.

But most importantly: spending as much time with my beautiful girlfriend as possible. She rocks my life every day in every possible aspect. I really wanna make her happy, cause that´s, what she deserves. Sounds a bit cheesy you say. Probably. But I believe in making people happy. Especially the ones, whom I love.