Hey animallovers,

we have not forgotten you! Please forgive us for being so quiet over the past few weeks! <3

First of all we wish you all an amazing 2015!

We were busy moving into our beautiful new apartment and cleaning the old one, I was starting my new fulltime job as a community manager (which I absolutely love btw) and then I have been sick since. Now, that the only thing that is keeping me busy, is being sick in bed, I finally have the time to write you guys.

It’s nothing really serious but bad enough to chain me to bed for a few weeks. And believe me, I hate that!

So what’s new besides moving and my new job?

New articles: Flo was busy writing up some new interesting articles that you will find online soon. We have topics like spices, new interviews with really interesting people and eco friendly clothing lines in the pipeline for you.

New tees: I am also in the talks to offer you some new tee styles.

Tees available now: Our “Veganette” and “Veganino” Tees are now available at www.miwai.de. Shipping worldwide. Grab one if you are proud to be a vegan too! :)

That’s the short news for you today and Flo and I are looking forward to a vegan year 2015 with you :)


Sabin & Flo