Hello to you all!

With all I mean those of you who already are vegans, those of you who maybe have interest in a vegan or just a healthier lifestyle overall and those of you who do not even know yet anything about veganism.

But let’s start at the base of it all – Me.

I’ve been a vegan for roughly 2.5 years and it has been one of the best decisions of my life. I know, I know most people “just” say that because, well, that’s what you say if you wanna sent a message. BUT I have been a raw, bloody meat eater from heart since I was a little child, after all I was born in Bavaria where meat is as holy as the the Catholic Church and Franz Beckenbauer.  I still wonder why I never thought about HOW the meat and dairy products ended up on my plate and I feel sick thinking about it what kind of person I have been back then.

Luckily, a while ago I met people who changed my life forever. A big, loving and caring vegan family who I will introduce to you in detail  later on in another blog entry.

Since then I had this idea about a blog/shop in my mind but there are/have been so many out there already and I wanted to take the time to find MY area to write about. There were already mainly food blogs, vegan product sites and a few vegan clothes shops, but none of them offered what I could not wrap my mind around yet.

Almost 2 years later and that idea formed into VeganWho, thanks to the love and help of so many special people.

These people are: Keata and Matthias, Jasmine and Kain, Jenny and Will and Nela and Flo.

Thank you for your support over the past years and to help me to get closer to my personal dreams every day <3

In my next blog you will learn more about me, my past, present and future.

I wish you all a lovely vegan day,

Love Sabin