So, finally back to the core subject Vegan Who.

What is Vegan Who?

First of all, Vegan Who is mainly me. That is, I want to share MY experiences, things that I discover and like and let you have a look into my personal life. I am not getting paid to advertise any of the products that I recommend. If I recommend one, then because I truly love to use it.

The T-Shirts that I sell are designed by me and printed by eco-friendly companies only. Sometimes I have to change suppliers as I can order only few amounts and need to look which supplier has the best deal. :)

Who is Vegan Who for?

Vegan Who is for everyone, vegan, non-vegan, environmentalist, fitness-, health- or animal-lover. Everyone is welcome, what is not welcome is anything negative. The world has enough drama and negativity already!

Who is behind Vegan Who?

Well, there is mainly me, Sabina, but you already know me. There will be guest writers from time to time like my fiance Flo (yes, he is vegan too). The website is designed by my awesome designer girl Nela, one of my longest and best friends. All photos and illustrations are done by me. That is the Vegan Who Crew so far.





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