Hey everybody, 

let´s talk about leather baby. Or just a short note about all the nice clothes and shoes you´ve got, before you´ve became a vegan.

For me, it all started with food. I banned all animal products from my plate. Then I moved on. I opened my drawer and saw shoes and some other stuff that contained leather. My first impulse was to get rid of this stuff immediately. I mean – this is the skin of a dead animal. Who wants to wear that? But most of the stuff was in a pretty good condition. I haven´t even worn some of the shoes. So, what to do? Throw them in the thrash and buy new ones – without leather. Makes sense from a vegan perspective. But if I keep the whole eco-system in mind, this purpose gets more and more questionable.

What I mean: if I throw the old stuff away, I have to buy something new – except you are an enlightend guru that rides the kundalini-snake and never touches the ground. So I waste natural recources and exploit the planet a little more. Not a pretty good thing, right? So I suppressed my first impulse and kept the things.

So, if you´re not disgusted to wear leather – and please don`t start a discussion here, that vegans have to be disgusted about that – you should really think it through, if you wanna put all of your old stuff in the trash. The earth will thank you. And if you´re afraid that people, even vegans, will attack you with „how can you claim to be vegan, if you´re wearing leather-boots?“, just explain them the facts calmly.  Some will listen and understand. Others not. But that shouldn´t matter to you. Cause you are old enough to make decisions for yourself.