Hello again!

Purpose of this blog entry is to introduce myself so you can get to know me a bit better and understand why I started Vegan Who.

How did I become vegan?

I already mentioned in the last entry that I have been a full on meat eater for most of my life time. Around 2.5 years ago I met a family that showed me in a very kind way what I was doing – not only to my body but also to the environment and foremost to all the animals involved in our cruel meat, dairy and fashion industry.

I am the kind of person, who does not follow just because someone tells me to. I intensely question what I see, hear or am told and then I will make a decision wether to change something or not. I heard what my new friends told me about the suffering of animals, the dangers to my health and the destruction of the environment  by consuming and wearing animal products and first I thought, like most people do, “None of that can happen on a daily basis and be legally accepted.” But the more research I did the worse I felt, the more I could not believe what I saw or read and worst of it all, I could not understand how I have been contributing to it all.

It took only a few months to convert from a meat lover to a true animal product hater. I still learn more and more about veganism on a daily basis and I enjoy seeing me personally grow with that decision that I made 2.5 years ago.

I feel great, physically as well as mentally, and I can go to bed each and every day with a good consciousness.

Where do I come from?

I was raised in Munich, Germany where I lived until I left to do a Bachelor Degree in Cairns, Australia in 2010. I returned to Germany in 2014 and settled into Germans Vegan Capital: Berlin.

I had a difficult childhood, with a mother who abandoned me when I was a few weeks old, with a narcissistic father,  a plotting stepmother, a grandfather, who died to soon, and a grandmother, who tried to compensate for all the love that I have not been given.

What did I do before Vegan Who?

The first 18 years I fought to survive my childhood, trying not to hurt myself or my biological father and his wife for things you do not do to a child. My 18th birthday was the day I could finally and legally escape the hell at home. From there I have been moving around a lot, tried a variety of jobs from chef to barkeeper, to owning my own fashion search engine. After that, with the help of a special person named Niko, I left to study International Business Management and Marketing in Australia. There, apart from being a casual sales assistant, I also gave photography a go and worked as a photographer while studying. Since I am back in Germany, I have been working on Vegan Who and it’s realisation.

Where does my heart lie?

Drawing: I started drawing before I started to run. Give me a pen and paper and I am a happy person. If you ask me, flowers are nice but I prefer getting a good pen!

Sport: I did Sport since I was 3 years old, 4-5 times a week. I started with ballett, jazz and stepdance, then I played Volleyball for around 10 years and nowadays I stay fit with yoga and muay thai boxing. Sometimes I even go for a run if I feel my legs need it (I really dislike running and solely do it because I know it is good to get lean legs)

Photography: I love photos! Not as much as drawing but almost!! It makes my heart jump to chase the perfect shot and I will continue my work as a photographer while doing Vegan Who.

Food: Good food drives me crazy. I can eat and eat and eat. Trying out new recipes is so much fun. It is not a passion big enough to start a food blog but from time to time I will post a few creations of my own for you to try.

Animals: I always wanted to be a big cat! I had hundreds of animal books at home and I watched any kind of animal documentary that was on TV during my childhood. I always felt more connected with animals than with humans because of my childhood experiences. I feel guilty though claiming myself an animal lover for the first 25 years of my life when I still contributed to so many cruel acts. I wish I would have known all of this sooner and met people sooner that showed me what was really going on. But now I am a good girl and try my hardest do contribute to a better future for my beloved animal friends.

What will I do in the near future?

Get a dog! It has been a wish since a long, long time but the time was never right. I hope that very soon I can add to my pack by adopting a little furrball <3

Other than that I am not sure. I learned that no matter what you plan, life often has other plans for you and there is nothing you can do about it. You can adjust and create new opportunities out of changed circumstances – that’s what I try to master over the next months.

So far, so good.

That’s it about me for the moment, after all I do not want to bore you with every detail of my life, I just wanted you to grab an idea about who I am.

The next blog entry will tell you more about Vegan Who, what it’s purpose is, who it is for and who is helping to make Vegan Who possible.

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